March 17, 2018

The Difference Between Exercise Bike and Elliptical Machine


Cardio Training - Exercise Bike Versus Elliptical Trainer Machine

Cardio Training – Exercise Bike Versus Elliptical Trainer Machine

Doctors, dietician and nutritionist highly advice everyone to engage in exercise. They say that exercise should be included in our daily activities.

Children need exercise in the form of enjoyable activities such as sports and games with fellow children. It helps them to be strong and healthy as physical performances condition their bodies.

Adults aging eighteen years old and above should exercise a minimum of thirty minutes to one hour a day or five times in a week as recommended by the American Heart Association.

Before working out, you should talk to your doctor especially if you have history of illness. The doctor will advise you as to the limit of your cardiovascular exercise. You should have stamina, endurance, power, speed, agility, balance, accuracy, coordination strength, flexibility and most importantly cardiovascular and respiratory endurance during exercise.


Why Should You Exercise?

Studies show that frequent exercise reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, prevents chronic conditions and prepares the body mentally and physically.

Exercise also benefits in losing weight as it burns out calories and fats inside the body, and helps boosts your energy levels. Aside from sports and physical activities as a form of work out, exercise machines also aid and help you do certain types of exercise.


An Elliptical Trainer or an Elliptical Machine

An Elliptical Trainer or an Elliptical Machine

Exercising Using Exercise Machines

Exercise machines come in different forms and kinds depending on the machine’s body targets and uses. There are basically two types of exercise machines: the Resistance machines and Endless-path machines.


Resistance Machines & Endless Path Machines

Resistance machines are the exercise machines which use gravity as a source of resistance. Resistance machines are composed of pulley, level, wheel and an incline.

Running or Walking machines, Glider machines, Climbing Machines, Rowing Machines, Exercise bikes and Elliptical machines belong to Endless-path machines.

Endless path machines are designed to give people a satisfying and long workout depending on the person’s endurance, speed, strength and agility. Endless path machines are based on aerobic workout, and are the most commonly used machines.


Exercise Bikes Vs Elliptical Trainers

People normally ask the difference between Exercise bikes and Elliptical machines, and what each can do when used.


Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is an exercise machine that allows the body to use different ranges of motion. The Elliptical machine works by standing on the machine with the foot on each pedal that glides back and forth, and by holding the arm bars to move back and forth at your side which synchronizes with the foot pedals.

This kind of machine helps you work both the upper and lower body at the same time. This kind of exercise targets the chest, shoulders, legs, arms and back of the body – it offers a full body workout all at the same time.


Exercise Bike

On the other hand, an exercise bike or a stationary bike is an indoor type of exercise using the legs to pedal while sitting just like biking. This type of exercise is usually used by racing cyclists as a training exercise to warm up the body.

Exercise bikes are commonly used for physical therapy because they provide safe and effective workouts.


How Exercise Bike and Elliptical Trainer Compare

When it comes to intensity, both provide the same intensity depending on your speed. You can control the machine’s speed by pedaling faster or slower.

An Exercise Bike or a Stationary Cycle

An Exercise Bike or a Stationary Cycle

Elliptical machines have a huge impact when it comes to exercise because they allow the whole body to move, while exercise bikes use only the legs to pedal.

Exercise bikes and Elliptical machines burn calories and fat as both let you move and sweat. Both machines’ speed can be changed depending on your agility, endurance and power during the exercise.

But when you do dynamic stationary cycling, you are actually burning out more calories compared to a simple elliptical workout for the same amount of exercise time.

Exercise bike and Elliptical machine prices vary depending on the design, size and advanced features. Obviously, the more features present on the machine, the higher the price tag it sports.



All in all, both Exercise bikes and elliptical trainers have the same benefits when it comes to burning calories, increasing stamina, and strengthening heart and respiratory system.

It is the regularity of working out and self-discipline that help you reach your goal.

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